On April 1, 2013, my mother celebrated her 10 year anniversary being free from cancer.  She celebrated by telling no one.  This was partly because the date coincidentally falls on my daughter’s birthday and she would have no attention taken from her dear Scarlette.  Beyond … Continue readingPerseverance


Spring.  Finding myself determined to submit something to the most treasured of additions to our community, The Priya Art Gallery, I found myself perplexed by the theme of the show.  It was a natural theme given the time of year but for me, my instincts … Continue readingExpecting

Decisions Decisions

Arched Woman 2 Original Rocket-propelled turtles or serious statements on womanhood?  I find that there are two very different people in my head who tend not to agree on much.  This isn’t new.  This is an old story of mine.  Actually, I’m thankful there’s only … Continue readingDecisions Decisions

The Gladiola

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, life will turn around and give you a nice big kick in the teeth.  In the last few weeks, there haven’t been solid kicks for me but more like little flicks on the center of the forehead, just enough to make … Continue readingThe Gladiola

Number 5

Sketching over evening cabernet tonight and I thought this one was worth a post.  There have been so many wonderful compliments and thoughts shared not only on the blog but through the shop and over email.  You have all been so very kind and generous. … Continue readingNumber 5

Garden Visitor

I‘m up bright and early this morning with a quiet house and no sign of the sun yet.  Everyone is still asleep including my usual morning companions Dudley and Lola.  The coffee is extra strong but I’ve cut back on the sugar and truth be … Continue readingGarden Visitor