Garden Visitor

I‘m up bright and early this morning with a quiet house and no sign of the sun yet.  Everyone is still asleep including my usual morning companions Dudley and Lola.  The coffee is extra strong but I’ve cut back on the sugar and truth be told, it was that magical third scoop that I loved the most.
I am thankful for the quiet.  This house and my schedule have both been buzzing with activity lately and the peacefulness of 5:30am is a welcome change. Autumn is one of my favorite times of year despite there being a mad rush around this house to prepare for winter.  All of the projects that were too exhausting to do in the heat of the summer are all crammed into the fall before the ground freezes and the weather gets too bitter to bare.  Amongst the list of ridiculously unrealistic goals for the season is the reshaping of the backyard, installation of a new fence and the removal of english ivy that has probably been here before the house was built in 1898 or at least it feels that way when you’re trying to rip it out from the roots.

Not unlike any other project in this project of a house, there is a sequence of tasks that needs to be completed before you even get to the work you’re trying to complete.  Before the ivy, before the stump removal, before the reshaping of the driveway and certainly before the fence, we needed to decommission the garden.  I use the phrase garden very loosely because so far, we’ve only made a village of gathered clay pots on the side of the house but they do the trick and are just enough work to keep us busy and stocked in organic green beans and basil.  And so, we’ve been spending every extra minute we have outside working until the sun, the mosquitos and our sore backs tell us it’s time to quit.  Over the weekend while picking the last of the garden goodies, we had a lovely visitor who spent over ten full minutes with us.  She was a gorgeous butterfly and she knew it.  She had wings of golden yellow with metallic blues and hints of orange.  Working from my photos of her, I’ve sketched her in pencil this morning although I think she’s worthy of some watercolor.  We’ll see what the week brings.  I’ve added some new music over there in the itunes widget so have yourself a listen and thanks for reading.

The last of the garden for the season

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