Spring.  Finding myself determined to submit something to the most treasured of additions to our community, The Priya Art Gallery, I found myself perplexed by the theme of the show.  It was a natural theme given the time of year but for me, my instincts were quick and odd.  I did not see flowers or buzzing bees nor birds or beauty. Pregnancy.  Birth.  Pain.  Joy.  Confusion.
564124_491313894250816_817829756_nI had my baby in the spring and so the first weeks of warm weather were reflective, anticipatory.  The month of March sends me back there.  As I think I may have written, pregnancy was not at all what I had imagined.  It was better and humbling but nothing of what I expected.  I suppose I thought I would feel as if I were making her in some way, creating.  Instead, it was as if my body, so equipped for this one purpose had been basically rolling its eyes at me every month, waiting to be set in motion.  And once that machine was set in motion, I was asked to sit back and shut up and stay out of the way as my body rolled up its sleeves, so very gracefully and all knowing.  Feeling more like a vehicle than a driver, I passed the months taking in proper fuel for the machine and waiting for her, a predetermined soul quite complete in herself waiting to be unearthed.  She belongs first to fate and the earth before she was mine.
Expecting is on currently on display and for sale at The Priya Art Gallery.  Give them a like and stop in for a visit.