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Children’s Book Series Please support local artists and small businesses by contributing to my latest project. Local entrepreneur and good friend Reece Wilke of Garaguso Classical Martial Arts in Haddonfield, NJ has asked me to illustrate a series of children’s books which will teach principles … Continue readinggo fund me

Where to Begin

“But where do you begin?”  It’s a legitimate question I am asked often and the answer is not always satisfying.  I just do.  I start.  I’m not a compulsive creator so my mind is in play long before my hands.  Sometimes that’s a process that … Continue readingWhere to Begin

Neglected History

  Since I moved to Woodbury in 2004, I’ve had a great interest in the history of this place and have found myself rather involved in local preservation organizations but my interest in Woodbury’s history goes a bit beyond the buildings themselves. There is a kind … Continue readingNeglected History

Ms. Badu

When I grew up, I wanted to be a black woman.  Well, when I was a little girl I’m sure I wanted to be a princess or something like that and I remember wanting to be an actress for the longest time.  More than anything … Continue readingMs. Badu