Where to Begin

“But where do you begin?”  It’s a legitimate question I am asked often and the answer is not always satisfying.  I just do.  I start.  I’m not a compulsive creator so my mind is in play long before my hands.  Sometimes that’s a process that … Continue readingWhere to Begin

Neglected History

  Since I moved to Woodbury in 2004, I’ve had a great interest in the history of this place and have found myself rather involved in local preservation organizations but my interest in Woodbury’s history goes a bit beyond the buildings themselves. There is a kind … Continue readingNeglected History

Mural Complete!

It never fails.  Whenever I complete a piece, I think of Drake and cry a bit.  Finishing work, whether it was your favorite or not, whether it went as planned or not, always seems to be a mixture of triumph and sentimentality to me.  You … Continue readingMural Complete!

Bridgeton Mural Approved

It’s official!  The Bridgeton School Board has approved the design for the Indian Avenue School mural project.  This opportunity was made available as a residency through Appel Farm Arts and Music Center with the Pathways 21st Century Community Learning Centers at Bridgeton Public Schools. So excited to … Continue readingBridgeton Mural Approved


Working on a mural design based on anti-bullying.  Hope to share more soon as color is added and I work through more details.  Thanks for checking in.    


On April 1, 2013, my mother celebrated her 10 year anniversary being free from cancer.  She celebrated by telling no one.  This was partly because the date coincidentally falls on my daughter’s birthday and she would have no attention taken from her dear Scarlette.  Beyond … Continue readingPerseverance